Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kozhikode as city of many hills

Kozhikode is a city of many hills, according to a post on, hosted by Calicut Heritage Forum convener and former civil servant C.K. Ramachandran.

Kozhikode has been variously described. During the Zamorin�s reign it used to be �the city of truth.� Mariners and historians have described it as a port city.

The hills are noticed only when one gets either an aerial view or a view from the Arabian Sea, in an approaching ship or boat, the blog says.

He points out that many mariners who reached Kozhikode in the past had described the landscape as one dotted with hills.

�They would first sight the Nilgiri hills at a distance and the Wayanad hills further to the north. As one gets closer, the undulating hillocks in and around Calicut come into focus. This is the impression of Calicut port as portrayed in contemporary paintings and engravings of the 15th-18th centuries. The accompanying engraving which figures in the Oriental Memoirs by Forbes (1810) is an instance,� the blog says.

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