Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabinet nod for bus, auto fare hike

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the recommendation of its sub-committee to raise bus and autorikshaw fares.

The revision will be formally announced in the Assembly on Thursday.

It is understood that the minimum fare will go up from Rs.3.50 to Rs.4 for ordinary services and the rate per km from 52 paise to 55 paise.

For fast passenger services, the minimum fare will go up from Rs.4.50 to Rs.5. The minimum charges for super fast passenger and de luxe services will be Rs.10 and Rs.15 respectively. (Current rates are Rs.8 and Rs.10 respectively.)

The per km rates for fast passenger services will go up from 55 paise to 57 paise. For de luxe services, the fares will increase from 72 paise to 75 paise per km.

There will not be any change in the minimum charge for autorishaws. However, the distance that could be travelled will be reduced from 1.6 km to 1.25 km.

Fuel price hike

The revision is proposed to be effected against the background of the increase in petrol and diesel prices effected through Union Budget proposals last week and an intervention by the Kerala High Court sometime back. The State government had earlier sought a study report from the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre on fare revision and the Cabinet sub-committee took the decision on the basis of its report.

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