Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now Qatar is my home, says MF Husain

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Celebrated artist M F Husain has lamented that political leaders, intellectuals and artists in India kept silent when right-wing outfits targeted him and forced him to leave the country. Husain maintained that he still loves his country, but India doesnt need him.

��Im am saying this with deep pain in heart, said Husain in an interview with a Kerala-based dailys Doha edition. He said successive Indian governments failed to protect him and made it difficult for him to stay in India. ��Now, theyre asking me to come back (but) when I was in exile there was no one to speak for me, he said. ��No government recalled me. Now they are asking me to return after Qatar offered me citizenship. He said he cant trust a political leadership that refused to protect him. ��Is there any surety that I would be protected in India? Husain asked.

He said the cases lodged against him infringed upon his basic right to express himself and maintained that he didnt want to hurt anyones sentiments. ��Its a move against art and the artists self-expression. I never intended to hurt anyones sentiments through art, he said. ��I only expressed my souls creativity through art. He said art language is universal and people who love it beyond all narrow viewpoints were his strength. He said he enjoys complete freedom in Qatar. ��Now Qatar is my place. Here no one controls my freedom of expression. Im happy here.

Husain said he would visit India, if he gets an opportunity. The artist has been living abroad since 2006.

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