Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Police to tighten monitoring

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In view of the security and media reports regarding the chances of explosives being illegally diverted for terrorist and fundamentalist activities, the police are tightening the monitoring mechanism of explosives.

A detailed verification of the persons to whom explosives are sold as well as the purpose for which the explosives were purchased have to be examined by a police officer, says a directive issued by DGP Jacob Punnoose the other day.

�Express had recently reported that there were serious loopholes in the present monitoring mechanism on the use of explosives.

The police officials have been directed to conduct raids on the residential or other premises of an explosive licensee if it is suspected that there was a tendency to store the explosive in such places.

An eight-point guideline on carrying out checking for explosives was also issued.

The police officers have also been directed to recommend cancellation of licence in case of serious violation of the norms.

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