Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thomas Issac Presents Kerala Budget

Thomas Issac, Kerala Finance Minister declared today while laying out the budget at State Assembly rice will be available at Rs.2 per Kg for traditional sector workers. He assigned Rs.500 crore for this.

There will be an increase in welfare pensions and it would be hiked to Rs. 300 a month. Any one helper of the disabled can also avail the pension. SC and ST students will also get some new allowances.

He also said that a fund of Rs.1000 crores will be raised for regenerating the forests, out of which Rs.100 crore will be assigned towards planting trees.CFL lamps will be used for saving power and Rs.1500 crore will be invested for the same.

There will also be increased assistance for marriage for SC and ST women and more assistance will be provided to Kudumbasree. It will be ensured that most police circle offices are women-friendly.

Rs.17 crore will be dedicated to the development work of LNG terminal in Kochi which would get commissioned in 2012.

Farmers will be forbidden from committing suicides by compensating their losses in agriculture. This year will see more allocation going towards agricultural sector which would amount to about Rs. 622 crore. Also, Rs. 30 crores will go towards coconut development.He also mentioned about price rise being the lowest in Kerala.

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