Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whither entrance exam reforms?

The Kerala Department of Higher Education is preparing a draft Bill to give a legislative spine to the proposals made by the R.V.G. Menon Committee.

In 2009, when it became clear to educationists, parents and students alike that the engineering / medical entrance examinations of 2010 would not witness any makeover, the question that popped up in the minds of many people was �what about 2011? Would the entrance reforms planned by the State government be implemented then?

Though no one�the Education Department, the members of the R.V.G. Menon committee which drafted the reforms and Mr. Menon himself�is willing to hazard a guess on this issue, the answer to this question can perhaps be discerned from among ongoing developments on this front.

The Department of Higher Education is busy these days crafting a draft Bill to be presented in the Kerala Assembly. The idea is to give a legislative spine to the proposed reforms in the entrance examinations. Sources in the government told The Hindu-EducationPlus that once the Bill is finalised by the Education Department and is vetted by the Law Department it would be placed before the State cabinet�possibly during the second half of April.

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