Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kerala Engineering, Medical colleges� fees may increase

KOCHI: According to the Self-Financing College Act, the committee has to revise the fees once in three years based on the details of income and expenditure of the colleges.

The government-appointed Fee Regulatory Committee headed by Justice P A Mohammed going for a review of fees fixed by it three years ago, the associations of self-financing college managements have come up with the demand to hike the fees by up to 30 percent.

Some of the engineering college managements have asked for an annual fees of Rs 1 lakh, while their counterparts in the medical stream have demanded up to Rs 5 lakh.

Though the annual fees fixed by the committee for engineering courses was Rs 40,000, various college managements had been charging varying fees which come up to Rs 90,000. Interestingly, the managements have failed to arrive at an agreement with the government that charged almost equal fees for both merit and management seats

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