Monday, April 5, 2010

Murder: victim\'s mother identifies accused

PALAKKAD: Karthiyayani, 70, mother of Sheela Jayakrishnan who was murdered in her house at Puthur here on March 22, told pressmen at her house on Monday that she could identify the first accused Sampath (who died in police custody) and the second accused Kanakaraj (now in jail). Karthiyayani, who had survived the attack, was discharged from hospital.

Recounting the incident, she said she came from her room when she heard the screams of her daughter. �I saw two persons attacking her with lethal weapons. I tried to protect her but they hit me with the weapons and smashed my head against the wall. I fell unconscious, she said. The photos of the accused were shown to her in hospital and she had identified them, Karthiyayani said.

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