Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quality of Malayalam films deteriorating: Paranjpe

TPURAM: Sai Paranjpe, noted film-maker and chairperson of the Malayalam film award Jury for 2009, Tuesday said the quality of Malayalam cinema had deteriorated over the years.

Malayalam cinema is not climbing out of the rut it has fallen in. It has to get away from repetitive storylines and verbosity, she said, after the announcement of the film awards for last year.

Of the 36 films watched by the Jury, there were only seven or eight exceedingly fresh films which was not a very happy situation, she said.

Paranjpe said `Pazhassi Raja directed by veteran Hariharan impressed the Jury immensely and it really deserved awards in eight categories it won including that of the best director. The technical excellence of the film was really breath-taking and the expertise shown by the director is commendable, she said.

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