Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Handicrafts from Gujarat on show

KOCHI: A wide variety of textile items, decorative material and curios from Gujarat are on display at the Gujarat handicrafts exhibition at the Womens Association hall in the city. It offers an opportunity to the avid shopping enthusiasts to have a close look at the alluring collection of handicrafts before making a selection.

The textile items have the stamp of skilled craftsmanship. They are marked by beautiful patterns, embroidery and the contrasting colour schemes. Table-cloth, bed-cover, curtains are among the material on show.

Bangles, necklaces and pendants in intricate designs are a treat for the eye.

There are conventional and modern designs that are available at an affordable price. Handbags in different sizes and shapes are available. Utensils, cutlery and toys are among the other items on show.

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