Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting life anew

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Handling traffic on the Medical College campus will now be the job of a group of enterprising youngsters, who are taking the first tentative steps towards a new life as responsible and law-abiding citizens.

In a major rehabilitation initiative taken up by the Juvenile Justice Board and the Department of Social Welfare, 21 inmates of various institutions under the Board, who have completed 18 years and are leaving the institutions, have been taken in as traffic warden trainees to regulate traffic on the MCH campus.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate, who is also the chairperson of the JJ Board, had issued an order in February asking the Social Welfare Department to formulate a scheme to rehabilitate the inmates leaving the Childrens homes, Special Homes and Observation Homes so that they can be set on the path of reformation. The idea was that these youngsters be given some career or employment opportunities

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