Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monsoon acts coy over Kochi

Officially, the southwest monsoon has set in over the State.

But the rain gods seem to be waiting to shower their blessings over Kochi.

Going by the announcements of the Indian Meteorological Department, the southwest monsoon set in over Kerala, its entry point into the country, on May 31. Announcing the onset, the weathermen also predicted that with �favourable conditions, the southwest monsoon has further advanced into most parts of south Arabian Sea, entire Kerala, south Tamil Nadu and some more parts of southwest Bay of Bengal on Monday.

Yet, the monsoon showers skipped Kochi on Tuesday, in its northwards journey, though everyone was anticipating its arrival, in torrents.

With their rainwear and umbrellas ready, the city dwellers were all set to walk into the rainy phase of the weather cycle from Tuesday. From school children to office goers and labourers, every one was prepared for the wet months of the year and had made arrangements to live through the season

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