Friday, July 16, 2010

Over-politicisation hampering development: Sudhakaran

ALAPPUZHA: There is an overdose of politics in Alappuzha, which, though cannot be termed the districts curse, was posing obstacles for development, Coir and Cooperation Minister G. Sudhakaran has said.

Speaking after declaring the renovated Municipal Town Hall open, now named after former Minister and political stalwart, the late T.V. Thomas, here on Friday, Mr. Sudhakaran said the over politicisation of even trivial issues was distinctly visible in Alappuzha compared to other districts in the State.

This anti- developmental approach in turn was hampering the districts chances of moving forward, the Minister said.

Developmental schemes, whether they were sponsored by the Centre or the State, had to be implemented in a time-bound manner, which was not happening in Alappuzha. Whether it was the LDF or the UDF in power, schemes should be implemented without any delay for the benefit of the public. However, several schemes, despite receiving adequate funds, were in a limbo in the district, the Minister said, adding that the sluggish approach of officials was partly to be blamed for this.

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